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Welcome to AFIT
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    Welcome to AFIT Registration site.  For a successful application, you are expected to complete these  TWO  important Registration Processes.;
    2. Visit any branch of any commercial bank and make payment into the AFIT e-tranzact account for your Application. Select one of the following for payment:
      - Application for ND screening
      - Pre-HND
      - HND
      - PGD
      You will be given a print-out which will be needed to proceed with online registration.

    4. Proceed to:
       ND Registration Page for ND Application or
      Pre-HND Registration Page for Pre-HND Application or
      HND Registration Page for HND Application or
      PGD Registration Page for PGD Application.

      *IF you have any problem with your registration, you can join us on Facebook, AFIT.  Or Send us mail support@putme.afit.edu.ng




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Easter holiday comes up from 5th to 10th April, 2016. We wish you Happy Easter.

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